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Keeping your bookmarks organized in Browsers today is painful. And if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll soon find yourself with months’ worth of links to go through and no time (or interest) to do it. Even worse, you can’t access those bookmarks outside of a particular Browser

So, we’ve decided to create the simplest cloud based Bookmarking tool that helps to keep all your Bookmarks in one place and access them seamlessly anywhere - across all your devices.

Lynkmark is the best place to keep all your favorite websites, blogs, or other links or whatever else you come across while browsing.

  1. Save links from the web

  2. Add notes while adding Links.

What else you can do with Lynkmark?

  1. Create Multiple Collections

  2. Add & Organize all your Links into Collections & tags

  3. Pin a link to multiple collections.

  4. Import your Existing Bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox or Safari

  5. Look deeper beyond titles and search for pretty much anything, instantly.

  6. Access your data on as many devices as you want, wherever you are.

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